Optimize your Equity Portfolio

Strengthen your equity portfolio to optimize your risk-reward tradeoff,
in line with your risk profile

Rebalance your portfolio in line with your risk appetite

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EQ Optimizer will:

Analyze your stock selection and portfolio construct

Ascertain your risk profile

Ascertain your risk profile

Suggest a robust & stable portfolio to optimize return.

Constantly monitor progress and suggest future changes

Constantly monitor progress and suggest future changes

How it works

The process comprises four stages, in each of which you will have to indicate your choices. Equity Optimizer will use a Big Data Analysis tool to suggest changes to your portfolio, based on your chosen parameters.

Upload your equity portfolio (from almost any broker) and review it
Assess your
risk profile.

Get customized
change recommendations
for your portfolio.
Create a new,
robust and stable
portfolio optimized for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

No, anyone can use EQ optimizer platform to optimize portfolio

Customers need to import portfolio from their respective broker or portals and upload it. Else customers can also create an equity portfolio statement in the excel format and upload it.

You can find the excel format after logging into platform.

Your portfolio would be optimized based on the below criteria:

  • Stock Selection- Shift your portfolio from fundamentally weaker stock to stocks that are currently doing better across fundamental and technical parameters.
  • Portfolio Construction – Assist you to correct asset allocation issues in your portfolio so that you are not over or under diversified.

Based on your portfolio holdings, Portfolio’s risk profiles are pre-calculated and categorize into any of five categories i.e. ranges from very aggressive to very conservative. Later, you can modify your risk profile based on your expectations and the portfolio will be optimized accordingly.

The changes are based on your selections of Risk Profile and Investment Preferences. You can find out the reason for the suggested action on each stock by clicking on Stock Analysis in front of each stock.

The suggestions are broken into 3 categories:

  • Hold: These are fundamentally strong companies where we feel you should continue to be invested in.
  • Review for Trimming: These stocks are fundamentally strong, but you have allocated more than the advised amount in these. We suggest that you partially reduce your holding in these stocks.
  • Review for Switching: These stocks are either fundamentally weak or do not fit your risk profile.

No, you cannot do any transaction on the EQ optimizer platform. You need to place trades through your trading account with the respective broker.

No, since we do not have any way of knowing that you have executed these trades, you would have to update your transactions after you perform them.

There isn’t a fixed interval for optimization. We recommend that you optimize whenever there are any adverse changes in your portfolio stocks or at least once a month.

No, currently only your equity stock holdings are optimized. You can use MF Optimizer to optimize your Mutual Fund portfolio. Click here (https://mfoptimizer.com) to optimize now!